My efforts for Ph.D admission

(Written in November,2020) The desire for getting a doctorate crept in my mind in my middle age, when I read in the newspapers about some renowned people getting it in their advanced ages like sixties or later. Many of them got their doctorates in Vaishnavism. To think about studying Vaishnavite literature for Ph.D after myContinue reading “My efforts for Ph.D admission”

My stints in share market investment

(Written in October,2020) My first stint in share market investment started with my investing in the employee quota of IOB’s Initial Public Offer (IPO) in 2000. My first daughter also eagerly subscribed to the IPO. Then I purchased some more shares in Follow on Public Offer of IOB in 2003 but later all of themContinue reading “My stints in share market investment”

The Company Secretary Course factor

(Written in October,2020 and updated in December, 2021) The Company Secretary (CS) course attached itself to my to-do things in the year 1996 when I saw its syllabus and books after the enrolment of my elder daughter in it. I immediately registered myself in the course after observing that for completing the entire course itContinue reading “The Company Secretary Course factor”