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Author of the site, Lalitha Sitaraman, is a former senior manager of Indian Overseas Bank. Her subjects of interest and training include Mathematics, Banking, Cost Accountancy, Computer Applications and Languages.

She shined in Software Development, inside out, in the prestigious in-house developed software era of Indian Overseas Bank.  She took voluntary retirement from IOB after thirty years of service. Her latest learnings include Python and Machine Learning.  

The fulfilment she derives from continuous education drives her less towards materialism and more towards liberation.

One thought on “About Author

  1. Dear mam,
    This is aishwarya, reader of your first book. I could resonate lot of your memories and writings because my mom’s name is Lalitha. She was brought up in kumbakonam. Almost of your age. Studied in the same schools you did. My grandfather’s name is V.Srinivasan who was also a hindi teacher at kumbakonam. My mother passed away in 2016 unexpectedly. I wish to write her biography probably in memoirs format. Your writing added an inspiration for that. Would be happy to meet you in person to admire more, reflect more and learn more for my way forward


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