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The writing journey of the author started right from the year 1981, when she wrote her first article for IOBian, the in-house journal of Indian Overseas Bank, her former employer. She had written twelve articles, mostly in Tamil and a few in English, in the issues of IOBian. She was recognized a lot for those articles. Her colleagues wished that she wrote more frequently. All these works, except two bank related IOBian articles, have been now published in this website under the tab IOBian.

In recent years, her articles have been published in ‘Management Accountant’ and ‘Bank Quest’, both being reputed professional journals. Intellectuals viewed those articles as excellently researched and neatly presented works. Readers had universal praise for the flow, comprehensiveness and unbiasedness of the contents. These articles are available under the tab Professional.

The website carries her hitherto unpublished Poems, Short Stories and Articles too, under the respective tabs.

She published part of her Memoirs as ebooks in Amazon in September,2020 and October,2022. These ebooks were then unpublished in Amazon in January,2023 and they have been published here since April,2023, under the tab Memoirs.

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